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(日本語) 新学期がスタートしました

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(日本語) 人工衛星のデータを受信する小型アンテナの設置

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Dr. Kuwabara’s paper has been published in “Review of Scientific Instruments”.
The title is "Evaluation of hydrogen absorption cells for observations of the Planetary coronas".
Detail information is in here.


The results of “Hisaki” satellite was posted on “ISAS news”.

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Mr. Kuwahara (Doctral student) accepted a doctoral degree.

Mr. Kuwahara ‘s doctoral dissertation passed the examination in the Department of Complexity Science and Engineering and accepted the doctor’ s degree.

After graduation he will be a researcher of ISAS / JAXA.

Introduction of results obtained by EXCEED observation

EXCEED onboard Hisaki satellite is a telescope dedicated to planetary observations of extreme ultraviolet light.

We posted a video introducing research results obtained by analyzing EXCEED data.
(Click here for a more detailed explanation.)




Information on Open campus(27,28 Oct. 2017)

Date: 27th, 28th October 2017 

Time: 10:00 – 16:30

Room: 4G4 (4th Floor, Kiban-to in Kashiwa Campus)

The sky is blue in the day while the sunset is red. This is a phenomenon not seen on other planets than the Earth. In this exhibition, we will show you the actual sky and sunset in the room. We will also show experiments on atmospheric flow. 

Admission is free. We are waiting for everyone’s visit.

A paper by Mr. Kuwabara was featured in Research Spotlights of “Eos Earth & Space Science News” (14th July).


Please see the article of Research Spotlights from here.

Please read Mr. Kuwabara’s paper from here.


Meteor radio observation

The state of antenna production and data analysis meeting is  here.


Laboratry activity blog was updated.

June 12 – 16 MOP

Hikida (Dr. 1st) joined the conference “Magnetosphere of Outer Planets (MOP)” held at Uppsala University in Sweden.